General Objectives

The Chair is linked to the research activity of two research groups in the Institute Mines-Telecom: the IC2/DBWeb team of Telecom ParisTech and the Management, Marketing and Strategy department of Telecom Ecole de Management. The focus is on massive data management and mining, web information extraction, social networks analysis, data visualization, online marketing and advertising, and business models.

The Big Data and Market Insights Chair aims to:

  • Tackle some key Big Data challenging problems, develop new solutions and tools
  • Promote Data-driven decision-making and marketing solutions, incorporate Big Data into Business Intelligence (BI), predictive analytics tools and marketing strategies
  • Serve as a framework of exchange between the researchers involved in this Chair and the industrial partners. Share concrete problems, data sets, experiments, innovative solutions, etc.

Its purpose is twofold: support and promote a high quality research activity, on the one hand, and heighten awareness of our students to the economic and technological challenges raised by the Big Data, on the other hand.